Why did the banana go out with the prune?

Because he couldn’t get a date !!!

And here’s more Valentine’s Day jokes.

My favourite holiday to decorate for but I made some pretty simple  cakes this year. Vanilla with buttercream and fondant. Luckily, I organized my bake ware drawer and found about 7 kinds of Valentine’s sprinkles and 3 kinds of cupcake liners.

I made these conversation heart cakes two years ago. I think they look better this year. I’m not a fan of sprinkles (I don’t know why I have so many…ahem) but I used some of the heart ones today because today is the day to do so.


One Response to Why did the banana go out with the prune?

  1. dessert says:

    Ingredients:Lara Cavallo, a baker who’s just starting out after a
    divorce,Gage Tomlinson, a stripper who’s been around the block and needs money for his
    nephew’s surgery,Cara and Bryan, two best friends who mean well,And Jeff, the ex husband who
    doesn’t. When you’re making use of your own teacups and saucers, be certain to set each cup next to a saucer that doesn’t complement it at
    all, and bring paper plates that are even more inadequate to each table setting.
    You can put spots or stripes on the wings if you like, or
    just leave them plain.

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