Froufrou Cakes

September 3, 2009

Since I haven’t posted in TWO MONTHS I figured I better update with
something pretty killer. So, I’ve come up with these chocolate
strawberry cupcakes. Instead of using vanilla soy milk I used
chocolate, and instead of using vanilla extract I used chocolate as
well. The cupcakes came out as a light chocolate flavour…very

On top is a chocolate mousse and on top of that…a strawberry

dipped half in chocolate and rolled in crushed almonds. Then

chocolate ganache gets drizzled over the top.

Pretty elaborate cakes…


A Day for Chocolate

June 25, 2009

Today is my brother’s half birthday. His birthday is on Christmas, and because he doesn’t get a “real” birthday party, we celebrate the half. He requested something with chocolate mousse, so I made a chocolate cake…but only half. Also, half a batch of cupcakes.

It’s an easy chocolate cake, cut in half and piled, with a layer of chocolate ganache in between the layers. I put a layer of the ganache, let it cool, and put another layer. The cupcakes are also just chocolate, with a layer of ganache and chocolate mousse on top. The mousse didn’t turn out as thick as usual, so it didn’t get to be piled as high, which is sort of disappointing, but it’s alright.

Definitely ended up with chocolatey chocolatey cake. Chocolate ganache, mousse, sprinkles, and chunks of dark chocolate.

Valentine’s… ♥

February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day !!!! My favourite holiday to make cakes for… 😀

This was my favourite cupcake I made, so he got his own special picture.

…And the class photo. These are strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting. Some also have chocolate topping on them, and a chocolate foil heart.

This is the CAKE I made for a certain someone. Someone who doesn’t like sprinkles…So I had to be creative. 😉 He also doesn’t like a lot of frosting, but you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere. It’s a matcha green tea, vanilla swirl cake with light strawberry and vanilla buttercream.

Have a happy lovey dovey daaay !

Pre Cakes are the Best Cakes !

February 13, 2009
Pre Valentine’s Day !

This is my Pre Valentine’s Day cake. It was actually made a couple of weeks ago but I thought I’d wait until real Pre Valentine’s began. It was a vanilla cake with a hard chocolate topping and coconut frosting and filling. Of course, with pretty heart designs.

Mommy Loves Her Cake

May 11, 2008
Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla CAKE

Today is Mother’s Day. I made this cake for my mom. It’s
a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of strawberries and a layer
of vanilla cake. It has strawberry frosting with chocolate drizzle.

Blowing Up Peanut Butter

April 4, 2008

Chocolate and peanut butter is always a good combination. Chocolate cupcakes, bursting with peanut butter filling. As well, peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache drizzled on top. Chocolate and peanut butter – a favourite !!!

Pat Pat Happy Day

March 17, 2008

My oven is now up and running !! And on an even BETTER note – St Patrick’s Day cupcakes ! St Patrick’s Day, St. Paddy’s Day, Paddy’s Day, Pat Pat Daaay!! Chocolate mint cupcakes with mint frosting and vanilla green tea swirl with green tea frosting.